Anything neurons can do, glia do better…?

Glia-Neuron Interactions Seminar is a bi-monthly meeting initiated in 2010.

The Seminar brings together researchers and students interested in glia. Currently, every seminar involves around 30 participants from over 12 labs from Université de Montréal and McGill University. At every seminar, 2-3 speakers present the latest data from their lab or other relevant news in the glia field. The presenter list includes MSc students, PhD students, postdocs and Principal Investigators.

Glia-Neuron Interactions Seminar is a non-profit scientific event series initiated and run 2010-2015  by Mari Sild, a PhD student and organizer from the lab of Dr Ed Ruthazer, McGill University.  In 2011, Houssam Darabid, PhD student from the lab of Dr Richard Robitaille (Université de Montréal) joined the team, which greatly enhanced collaboration between McGill and UdeM. In 2014, Houssam gave his job over to the energetic Éric Martineau and Elsa Tremblay from Université de Montréal (lab of Dr Robitaille). By the time of Mari’s graduation in 2015, Glia-Neuron Interactions Seminar had become a hugely popular event amongst glia researchers.

Currently it continues to be run by Marion Van Horn (Lab of Dr. Ed Ruthazer) and Sejal Davla (Lab of Dr Van Meyel) from McGill.  If you would like to present at a future seminar, sponsor the seminar, or for other inquiries, please contact us.

The Seminar is open to all interested. Thanks to our sponsors, we can serve coffee and pastry to energize the thought process.