Some glia articles

Here you can find some glia-related papers from our Glia Club members and elsewhere. Feel free to send us pdf-s you want to have posted.

  1. Sild_et_al_2017_pdf

“Major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders from the glial perspective: Etiological mechanisms, intervention and monitoring” Mari Sild, Edward S. Ruthazer, Linda Booij 2017. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews

2. 5279.full

“Neural Activity-Dependent Regulation of Radial Glial Filopodial Motility Is Mediated by Glial cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase 1 and Contributes to Synapse Maturation in the Developing Visual System” Sild, M., Van Horn, M., Schohl, A., Jia, D., Ruthazer, E.S. 2016 J Neurosci

3. Morquette_et_al

An astrocyte-dependent mechanism for neuronal rhythmogenesis. Morquette P., Verdier D., Kadala A., Féthière J., Philippe A.G., Robitaille R., Kolta, A. 2015 Nature Neuroscience

4. Djogo_et_al

Adult NG2-Glia Are Required for Median Eminence-Mediated Leptin Sensing and Body Weight Control. Djogo, T., Robins, S.C., Schneiders, S., Kryzskaya, D., Liu, X., Mingay, A., Gillon C.J., Kim, J.H., Storch K. F., Boehm, U., Bourque, C. W., Stroh, T., Dimou, L., Kokoeva, M. V. 2016 Cell Metabolism

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